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Medicare Supplement Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Claim Information

Q: How do I file my claims?

A: Your doctor or hospital normally will submit your claims to us for you. You will not need to do anything as long as you have provided them with your health insurance identification card at the time you received the service.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Q: What is a Medicare Supplement Plan?
A: Medicare Supplement insurance plans help cover the health care costs that are left unpaid after Medicare Parts A and B pay their portions of your health care costs. Medicare Supplement policies pay only for services Medicare considers medically necessary. Payments are generally based on the Medicare-approved charge. The policy might not fully cover all of your health care costs.

Medicare Supplement policies are available from private health insurance companies. While the costs of these policies may vary, individual health insurance companies must provide the same standardized benefits.

Q: What Medicare Supplement Plans does Pekin Insurance offer?
A: Pekin Life Insurance Company offers Medicare Supplement Plans A, N, and G. 

We will offer Plan F to everyone through 1/1/2020. After 1/1/2020, we will only offer Plan F to those eligible for Medicare before 1/1/2020.

Plan offerings vary by state. 

Wisconsin does not offer the standard alphabetized Medicare Supplement plan menu. The Wisconsin plan is a base plan with optional benefit riders that can be added.

  Am I eligible to purchase a Medicare  Supplement Plan?

A: If you’re enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, you’re probably eligible to buy a Medicare Supplement policy. During your Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period—for people 65 or older, that’s six months after you sign up for Medicare Part B—a health insurance company must allow you to buy any Medicare Supplement Plan offered.

In some states these plans may be available to those under age 65 who are in an Open Enrollment period. FOR KENTUCKY ONLY: In these states, you have the right to apply for coverage, although issue is not guaranteed unless the applicant falls under a guaranteed issue situation 

Q: Do I have to use certain doctors with my Pekin Life Insurance Company Medicare Supplement Plan?

A: With a Medicare Supplement Plan, you have the flexibility to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare, unless you have a Medicare SELECT Plan. Medicare SELECT Plans require that you use your network hospital.

Q: Are there additional benefits that come with a Medicare Supplement Plan from Pekin Life Insurance Company?

A: Yes.

Medicare Supplement Insurance from Pekin Life Insurance Company

comes with these benefits:

  • Silver&Fit® no-cost fitness center membership, YMCA fitness membership, or home fitness programs.
  • Free identity fraud coverage through CyberScout.™
  • A prescription discount card.
  • Straightforward online application process.
  • Medicare Supplement specialists on call.

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CyberScout provides identity management services including identity monitoring services and resolution of identity fraud and account takeover situations for consumers and individuals.

The Silver&Fit program is provided by American Specialty Health Fitness, Inc., a subsidiary of American Specialty Health Incorporated